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  May 2012

FK LIGHTPLANES would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that helped make our Friedrichshafen Airshow a great success.  We invite you to join us next year, 24th - 27th of April 2013 at our new stand location, B2-101.


December 2015
Another fantastic paint scheme by Aircraft Studio Design
August 2015
Oshkosh 2015
July 2015
Oshkosh here we come!
Join us at stand A23-A33!
April 2014
Nordic Aero Expo
March 2014
New FK Dealer in Norway
August 2013
New FK Dealer in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe & Mozambique
April 2013
Aero Friedrichshafen 2013 and the first glimpse of our new FK51 Mustang model
April 2013
FK14 "Best Factory Built Aircraft" at Natfly Australia 2013
February 2013
New FK Dealer in Denmark
August 2012
New FK Dealers in Kazakhstan
August 2012
Hansen Air Group at Oshkosh 2012
August 2012
FK12 Comet featured in Plane & Pilot Magazine USA
May 2012
FK14 Le Mans makes front cover of "Aviation et Pilote"
March 2012
Rotax 912iS - it has finally arrived!
February 2012
Comet #100 delivered to France
January 2012
FK9 Executive Model Test by VOL Moteur
December 2011
FK-14 Le Mans in Aviasport
September 2011
FK9 featured in Plane & Pilot
September 2011
FK14 Le Mans makes front cover of the "Flieger Magazin"
September 2011
New FK Dealers in Brazil
July 2011
Best Bi-Plane at the 43rd annual EAA Cracker Fly-In
June 2011
FK14 Le Mans delivered to Italy!
June 2011
FK12 Comet featured in General Aviation News
May 2011
FK14 "LeMans Edition" rated number 1 at Aero by Loop
April 2011
A very successful Aero 2011 for FK
April 2011
New FK Dealer in Russia
April 2011
Come to visit us at
AERO 2011 Friedrichshafen Hall B1 Stand 306
April 2011
FK51 Mustang
February 2011
FK-Lightplanes again market leader in Germany in 2010
November 2010
Press release: FK9 ELA Police Aircraft handed over to the National Authorities!
January 2010
FK14 Polaris most sold low-wing lightplane in Germany in 2009
December 2009
German Ultralight market 2009: FK again is under top two of the statistic - the fourth year in row n
December 2009
Rollout: FK12 Limited Edition
December 2009
Project Information: FK12 Limited Edition
August 2009
FK14 Polaris wins Mountain Endurance Flight and Airrace
July 2009
FK-Lightplanes achieves 1st place in the category ULTRALIGHTS in the Best Brands 2009 poll of the ge
June 2009
Resumption of the FK12 production in 2009
May 2009
Maiden flight of the new FK9 ELA - European Light Aircraft
February 2009
FK-Partner FunFlying from Thailand presents FK9 at local fair: Motor Extreme Sport @ Bitec
January 2009
FK-Lightplanes in 2008 again one of the market leaders in Germany
September 2008
Resumption of the FK12 production in 2009
July 2008
Co-operation: FK-Lightplanes - Cirrus / US
March 2008
Roland Coddens has died
January 2008
Press-release - FK9 Mark IV SW „Shortwing" certified
January 2008
Our belgium FK-partner MICRONEF on Car-Show
July 2007
FK9 serial No.
300 delivered!
September 2006
FK-Lightplanes introduces the new 2005 models at the AERO in Friedrichshafen
August 2006
FK14 Polaris takes 1st place in South African air race at Brits Airfield
February 2006
Banner-tow test programm for Comet started
March 2005
Press-release - FK9 Mark IV LSA certified
January 2005
FK Lightplanes delivers the first FK9 "Paraplegic"
January 2005
New Add-on kit: Adjustable throttle friction for FK9
May 2004
First serial aircraft FK9 Mark IV fitted with the new Mercedes-smart-Roadster powerplant delivered!
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