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The FK9 has a composite fuselage with an integrated tubular steel cage in the cockpit area, which is extremely resilient and durable, and offers the crew far more protection.

The FK9 offers winglets that lowers fuel consumption while helping to improve stall speed handling - a major point to meet the US LSA requirements when flying with the increased MTOW for the FK9.

Full carbon flaps actuated by a switch in the center console allowing for fast and easy operation, as well as a modified engine cowl which reduced drag while improving cooling efficiency.

The other major advantage is that we offer a wing folding mechanism as an option, allowing you to store your FK9 in a hangar or trailer.

With its wide doors, ergonomic formed seats and large baggage compartment, the FK9 is designed to compete with most modern high wing composite aircraft.  We also the special "Wide Body Edition". You can order your FK9 in a Tri-Gear or Taildragger configuration.
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Tech. Service
Wingspan 9,330 m (incl. winglets)
Length 6,215 m
Height 2,410 m (tri-gear version)
Empty weight in base configuration (without BRS) 280 kg "TG" 278 kg "Classic"
Demonstrated ultimate loads +6,1g / -3g (540 kg)
Max. demonstrated take off weight. 580 kg
Demonstrated Vne 230 km/h
Demonstrated Vstall 64 km/h
Cruise (75%) 194 km/h
Best climb / at 1000 ft/min @ 95km/h
Take off run over 15m obstacle 220 m
Total capacity 60ltr
Usable fuel 59ltr
Panel Options
  • composite metal mix structure, with a full carbon wing type
  • oil inspection door integrated in engine cowl
  • 60ltr fuselage fuel tank with electric level indicator and drain vent
  • luggage compartment with external access door
  • additional aerodynamic fairing set for wingstrut nose and intersections
  • formed plexi-front canopy
  • cabin door lock
  • basic colouration white including deco set type
Powerplant & Propeller
  • Rotax 912 UL (80hp)
  • 3-blade DUC carbon fibre CS fixed pitch propeller
  • standard steel exhaust
  • movable seatbacks in position and angle
  • side airvents in both cockpit doors
  • additional pockets on both cockpit sidewalls
  • additional cabin ventilation with 2 individual air vents in front console
  • windshield protection covering
  • two colour upholstery
  • hydraulic disc brake 6” mainwheel system with parklock
  • electrical operated flaps
  • electrical flap position indicator
  • electric fuel booster pump and fuel pressure warning
  • mechanical elevator trim
  • air speed indicator
  • altimeter (10000ft)
  • compass
  • slip indicator
  • oil pressure and oil temp
  • CHT
  • Hobbs Meter
  • RPM indicator gauge
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